Big Band Music Stands Bags

24” £73.00 (takes up to 8 stands)

30” £79.00 (takes up to 8 stands)

40” £84.00 (takes up to 8 stands)

Low Capacity Music Stands Bags

24” £25.00 (takes up to 4 stands)

40” £50.00 (takes up to 4 stands)


Big Band Music Stands Banners for Metal Stands

From £11.50 each (when you buy 10 or more)

All prices include VAT.



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Manufacturers of Music Desk Stands and Music Stand Banners and Accessories : Full in-house Graphic Design and Printing


Our Prices:

Price includes stand base and slot in top.
They do not include graphics, packaging, accessories or delivery.

Big Band Music Stands / Music Desks

24” (610mm) Stand   £48.00 each (£57.60 including VAT)

30" (755mm) Stand   £53.00 each (£63.60 including VAT)

40" (1,013mm) Stand  £58.00 each (£69.60 including VAT)

Volume discounts available, contact us for details.

Delivery & Packaging quoted at time of order and charged at cost.

We ship Worldwide.

Graphics are NOT included in the price of the stands, and are quoted individually according to your requirements.

Please see our graphics information page for further details.
Clients often find it helpful to complete our Enquiry Form.

24" (610mm)

30" (755mm)

40" (1013mm)

BBS Flexible Banners

Brand your band!

with vibrant new music stand banners.

Magnetic / velcro fittings supplied to suit either metal or plastic stands.
Our top quality yet economical printed music stand banners produce pin sharp designs on durable yet flexible and waterproof material.

Find out more...

BBS Hard Backed Banners


Our new hard backed banners have beautiful graphic prints applied to strong lightweight board, and look crisp and sharp straight out of the box.

Durable, great looking, and will last for years.


Prices from £24.00 each when you buy 10 or more.

(From £26.80 inc VAT).

BBS Z-Score-xtender

Professionally made from lightweight durable recycled plastic, our compact BBS Flip-out Music Score Rest will hold up to 6 pages of music with ease.

Folds away to just under A4 size. Can be used with our BBS Music Desks or any traditional music stand.


£15.00 (£18 inc VAT).





when you buy 10 or more


incl. VAT

BBS BAGS: Constructed from the same tough nylon canvas style fabric, these are simple tote style carry bags. They have grab handles, but no closures. Stands slide into the bag from the top opening, and each will accommodate several stands & tops.

BBS Cases & Bags

Lightweight Gig Bags & Cases

(With Optional branding).

We offer selection of tried and tested accessories, chosen because they make playing live music easier! All of our bags are manufactured in the UK.

Keep your stand bases & tops together, dust free, and protect the graphic areas from being scratched in storage and transit.

These high quality UK made bags & cases are constructed from a tough nylon canvas style fabric.

CASES: With robust zipped closures around three sides, these open up like a box, so your stands are easy to place inside to pack away at the end of your performances.

They have grab handles & shoulder strap so are easy to carry.

Each bag is designed to securely hold your stand bases & tops, and there are several sizes to suit your combination of kit.


Large BBS Zipped Case:

Accommodates either 5 x 40" (Slim Size) OR 8x40” (Standard Size) bases & tops.

£86.00 (£103.20 including VAT)


Medium BBS Zipped Case:

Accommodates either 5 x 30" (Slim Size) OR 8x30” (Standard Size) bases & tops.

£80.00 (£96.00 including VAT)


Small BBS Zipped Case:

Accommodates either 5 x 24" (Slim Size) OR 8x24” (Standard Size) bases & tops.

£76.00 (£91.20 including VAT)


How to buy...

We know this is a considered purchase for most bands and organisations, so it’s important to make the right choices.
We suggest the following process.


1. List the performers who will need a stand.

2. Check out our ‘what size?’ information and choose the correct size for each person / player.

3. List how many stands you need in each size.

4. Decide if you would like a graphic, your logo, or a web address to be applied to your stands. See the Graphics page.

5. E mail or call us on the number at the top of the page with your information including your delivery country & post-code, or complete the enquiry form and we'll return with a no obligation quotation within 24 business hours.

How to Pay

UK Clients: BACS, PayPal or Debit/Credit Card over the telephone for plain stands, accessories, or for stands with graphics.

International Clients: IBAN, PayPal, or Credit Card over the telephone. Please note - IBAN payments can often take up to 7 working days to clear, so for an urgent order, we suggest PayPal or Card payments.

Please read and understand our Terms and Conditions of sale.

For order processing, payment and delivery guidelines, please see our abbreviated 'Terms Of Sale'.

Urgent Order?

Express Service is available for both graphic production and delivery. Tell us when you need
your stands, and we’ll do our best to deliver.





Designed by musicians, for musicians.

BigBandStands are lightweight and strong, easy to carry, quick to set up, durable, wobble free, and best of all - great looking.


Made in Great Britain. is a Trading Style of Rocket Creative Design Limited. The Rowans  Sallie Bank Lane  Laughterton  Lincoln  LN1 2JY  United Kingdom

Urgent order? Express service is available for both graphic production and delivery - contact us!